Tips for the listening section

  • Relax. Pay attention and listen carefully to the test question.
  • Each question will be played only once. After that, three seconds will be given for test takers to fill in the answer. It is advised that test takers read the given choices on the Question Paper while listening to the question. It will shorten your answering time.
  • Do not wonder if the previous question that you just answered is wrong. Do not spend too much time on the same question. If you spend too much time on one question, you might not have sufficient time to answer all the questions.
  • During the test, you can answer the question based on key words you understand. It is ideal to understand each word you heard. However, you can also grasp the speaker’s intention by understanding the context, speaker’s intonation, and the speaker’s attitude. At the least, you need to know what the speakers are talking about.
  • In addition to vocabulary and sentence meanings, you should also pay attention to the relations between sentences. Some of the connectors can help you understand the relations between sentences. Note that there also exist some cases when the relations between sentences cannot be expressed fully by connectors. You must fully comprehend the relations between sentences in order to understand the complete meaning expressed.
  • You will find some idioms or familiar expressions in the listening tests for the intermediate and advanced levels. Therefore, it is also important to enlarge the amount of your vocabularies while preparing for the test.

Tips for the vocabulary/grammar section

  • When answering the questions, you should consider both the grammar and the meaning. Try to place each of the four given choices in the sentence to see if it is grammatically correct and if the meaning of the sentence is reasonable, clear and coherent so as to pick the best answer.
  • The vocabulary section aims to test your ability to grasp the meaning from different words. You have to think carefully and pick a choice best suits the context of the question.
  • When you analyze a sentence, you should remember that the most important thing is to grasp the overall meaning and understand the grammatical structure of the whole sentence. Even if you find that there are one or two difficult words you don’t know in the sentence, you can still answer the question by guessing the meaning of the question.
  • You should try to expand the amount of your vocabularies. When finding a new word, you should not only memorize its meaning, but learn it from the example sentence to know more about its usage and try to make your own sentence. In addition, you can also memorize the contextually similar words or opposites.

Tips for the reading section

  • In the reading section, you might find that you need to spend a lot of time to finish the whole paragraph. Therefore, in order to having more time to answer the questions, you can first take a quick look over the paragraph, then catch some keywords and the general idea, read the test questions and answers in the end, After that, you can go back to the paragraph and look for answers. By doing so, you can not only quickly get the main idea of the paragraph, but save your reading time.
  • When encountering a paragraph and question you don’t understand, eliminate the unlikely choices and still force yourself to choose an answer. Come back to the question when you finish the rest of the other questions.
  • Pay attention to the organization of paragraphs in an article. Understanding relevant information concerning the cohesion and coherence of a paragraph can help you understand the overall organization of the article. This way, you can find necessary information faster.
  • For most learners of Chinese, the most difficult aspect of reading is word recognition. You must enlarge the amount of your vocabularies when preparing for the test. However, if you encounter vocabulary you don’t know, don’t immediately look it up in the dictionary. You should try to make a guess first according to the radical on the side of the character, the shape of the character, and the context, and finally check the dictionary. By doing this, you not only train yourself how to infer the meaning from the sharp and the context of the words, but reinforces your memory of remembering them.
  • There are many test questions, but the test time is limited. Therefore, you should be pay attention about the time you need to spend on each question.

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