Get familiar with all the information about the test in advance.

Before taking the test, you should get familiar with the TOCFL related issues, including the test objectives/targets, test procedures, test types/content and rules of testing centers etc. The more you understand and familiar with the test procedure, the less nervous you will be on the test day.

Set your learning goal.

Practice makes perfect. If you practice continuously everyday, your language ability will improve. In other words, if you set your learning goal according to your language ability, you will of course increase the possibility of passing the test to receive a certificate. There are many ways that you can use to enhance your Chinese proficiency, such as reading newspaper, magazines or books and so on. In addition, you may use the following books as your references in your further study: Practical Audio-Visual Chinese (I), (II), (III); Far East Everyday Chinese (I), (II), (III); Speaking Chinese II; Chinese Moral Tales; Taiwan Today; Chinese Folk Tales (I), (II); Radio Plays; Chinese Customs and Traditions; Practical Business Conversation (I), (II); Stories from Chinese History (I), (II); Chinese Idiom Source Stories; Newspaper Readings (I), (II); Thought and Society; Advanced Chinese Reader; Taiwan TV News Programs.

Practice the mock test.

We offer two types of test samples, including the online mock test and printed mock test. You can practice them under the test time limitation, before taking the test, so as to get used to the answering speed. By practicing the mock test, you will able to understand more regarding the question types and the answering methods and therefore get better scores.

  Online Mock Test

The online mock test is free.

  Printed Mock Test
(With CD)
The printed mock test is available for purchase. The fee is NT$300 for each volume.

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