• Instruction

  • Below is a video that gives you a quick guide to the test; in the video, the exam procedure is introduced and some samples are provided.
    The video is also available when you take the test.
Band A 、Band B test instruction video:    
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考試流程 Test instruction テストの流れ Instrucciones del Examen Déroulement du test
คำอธิบายการสอบ Hướng dẫn cách thi Anweisungen zum Prüfungsablauf 시험 방법  

Band C test instruction video:    
Test Instruction        

  • Before the test

  • Practice speaking Chinese to your teachers, classmates, friends or colleagues, and describe in Chinese your likes and dislikes; state your opinions in Chinese.
    Familiarize yourself with the test format and content; such information is available on the official TOCFL website.

  • On the test day
  1. Listen to the test items carefully and pay attention to what is expected of your response.  Do not leave the any points untouched in your response.
  2. Take notes of some keywords when you listen to the test item, and use the keywords to as hints in your response.
  3. Describe experiences familiar to you or related to your life.
  4. Give clear and detailed answers that are to the point; if you hear “Why” in the questions, do provide reasons.
  5. Give examples to support your arguments when answering questions.
  6. Keep track of the time for responses/preparation; try to complete your answers within the time limit, but also not way before the time limit.
  7. Be careful with accuracy in vocabulary and grammar; if you forget or do not know how to say certain phrases, find alternatives to express yourself.

  • Aspects to be Graded
  1. Content/Organization: The response has to fulfill the demands as specified in the test item.  Do not digress from the topic. The comprehensiveness of the response is a major value.
  2. Delivery: Speech should be well-paced, without unnecessary pauses, and fillers, such as [en]. [ei]. [eh], [ran ho](meaning “and then”) etc . Pronunciation ought to be correct and clear in general.
  3. Language use: The response should demonstrate adequate and diverse use of grammar and vocabulary.

  • Pointers on answering questions
  1. Have I covered the points demanded by the test item?
  2. Is my response clear and in adequate details?
  3. Is my use of the grammatical structures correct and with diversity?
  4. Is my use of vocabulary correct and diversified?
  5. Is my pronunciation clear and correct?
  6. Is my response appropriate and well-structured?
  7. Do I have good time management in making preparation and giving response?
  8. Is my speech well-paced?
  9. Are there too many pauses in my response?

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