The Mock Test Set for TOCFL (New Version)


The Mock Test Set for TOCFL is in three volumes, Band A, Band B and Band C. The content of each volume includes,

  • <<An Introduction of the TOCFL>>: to help test takers understand the format and content of the TOCFL before taking the test
  • <<Preparing for the TOCFL>>: to provide test takers with some instructions in how to prepare for the Listening Comprehension Section, the Vocabulary and Grammar Section, and the Reading Comprehension section.
  • <<The Mock Test>>: the layout of the mock test will be exactly like the real paper-based test of TOCFL with a CD for the Listening Comprehension Section. The mock test volume 1-3 will also be posted on the SC-TOP website for all test takers to practice for free. It is hoped that through practicing in advance, test takers can familiarize themselves with the test forms and have best performance during the test.
  Band A Band B Band C
  Band A Band B Band C
  Band A Band B Band C
  Band A Band B Band C


Each volume costs NT 300 dollars.


The Mock Test Set for TOCFL can be purchased at Lucky Bookstore(師大書苑).

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