The SC-TOP was officially established in November, 2005 with Dr. Cheng-Chih Wu, President of National Taiwan Normal University, as commissioner. The organization has four divisions: Research & Development, Test Extension, Information System, and General Affairs.

What We DO:

Division of Research and Development

  1. Developing various types of Chinese proficiency tests
  2. Building and managing the test item pools
  3. Conducting research on the testing of Chinese proficiency
  4. Conducting statistical and analytical study on test results
  5. Issuing publications on the testing of Chinese proficiency

Division of Information System

  1. Establishing and improving standardized test systems
  2. Develop ing automatic test design systems
  3. Developing computer-based test systems
  4. Establishing and maintaining the safety management system of the organization

Division of Test Extension

  1. Planning the publicity of TOCFL
  2. Coordinating the administration of TOCFL
  3. Implementing overseas TOCFL tests
  4. Promoting exchange among relevant organizations domestic and abroad
  5. Providing test services

Division of General Affairs

  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Keeping attendance record
  • Preparing budget
  • Managing procurement and public bidding
  • Controlling budget, reporting and listing expenditure
  • Managing property
  • Managing general affairs and purchasing
  • Others



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