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Area Name of Centers Tel Mandarin Courses Information
Northern General Affairs Office, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 02-2737-6159  
Chinese Language Training Center,National Taipei University of Technology 02-2771-2171 ext.1746 Chinese Language Program
Mandarin Training Center , National Taiwan Normal University 02-7734-5123 Seasonal Program
Chinese Language Education Center, National Taipei University of Education 02-2732-1104ext.83335 Mandarin Courses
The Language Center of Fu Jen Catholic University 02-2905-2071 TOCFL Prep Course
Chinese Language Center, Division of Continuing Education, Tamkang University (Taipei Campus) 02-2321-6320ext.8839 Chinese Language Programs
Mandarin Center, Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology 02-2892-7154 ext.5901 Courses
Center for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at Shih Hsin University (CTC) 02-2236-8225 ext.2258、ext.3596 Courses
Center of Mandarin Learning at Chung Yuan Christian University 03-2651330 Mandarin Courses
National Taiwan Ocean University 02-2462-2192 ext.2057 Courses
International Chinese Language Program(ICLP), National Taiwan University 02-2363-9123 ext 17 Regular Programs
Mandarin Learning Center(MLC), Chinese Culture University  02-2700-5858 ext. 8131-8136 TOCFL Prep Crash Course
Chinese Language Center, National Chengchi University 02-2939-3091ext.67141 Programs and Courses
Continuing Education Section, University Extension of Ming Chuan University 02-2882-4564ext.8221 Classes
International Cooperation & Exchanges Division, Jinwen University of Science and Technology 02-8212-2000ext.2207  
Chinese Language Center, Soochow University 02-2881-9471 ext.5925 Quarter Program
Language Center, Taoyuan Innovation Institute of Technology 03-4361070ext7601  
Chinese Language Center, Kainan University 03-270-5542 Courses
Chinese Language Center, National Chiao Tung University  03-513-1231
Chinese Courses
Central Chinese Language Center, Feng Chia University  04-2451-7250 ext.5873 Courses
Chinese Language Education Center, Providence University  04-26328001ext.11593 TOCFL Empowerment Class 
Chinese Language Center, National Taichung University of Education 04-22183286 TOCFL Prep Course
Language Center, National Chung Hsing University 04-22840326 ext.399 Courses
Tunghai University, the CHINESE Language Center 04-2359-0121ext.30127  Chinese Courses
Language Center, Chaoyang University of Technology  04-2332-3000 Chinese Courses
Language Teaching Center, National Formosa University 05-631-5000  
Chinese language Center, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology  05-534-2601ext.3121 Courses
Learning and Counseling-Tutoring Center, TransWorld University 05-537-0988ext.2237  
Office of International Affairs, MingDao University 04-8876660ext.2022 Courses
Language Teaching and Research Center, National Chi Nan University  04-9291-0960  
Southern Chinese Language Center, National Cheng Kung University  06-275-7575
Regular Chinese Classes
Center of Language and Culture Teaching, National Kaohsiung Normal University 07-7172930ext.2601 Mandarin Courses
Center of Chinese Language, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages 07-3426031
Division of Chinese as a Second Language, Language Center, National Chiayi University 05-273-2982 Courses
Center of International and Cross Strait Affairs, Secretary's Office, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science 06-2664911ext1046  
Chinese Language Center, Kun Shan University 06-205-0006、272-7175ext560 Courses
Office of Research and Development, University of Kang Ning  02-26321181ext107​  
Chang Jung Christian University 06-278-5123  
Chinese Language Center, Southern Taiwan University of Technology 06-253-3131ext.6010 TOCFL Prep Course
Chinese Language Center, National Sun Yat-Sen University 07-525-2000ext.3030、3031 Courses
Language and Culture Center, Shu-Te University 07-615-8000ext.4002      
Chinese Language Center at Kao Yuan University  07-6077702 Chinese Language Programs
Eastern  Center for language studies, Tzu Chi University 03-8572677 ext 1681-1683  Mandarin Course
Chinese Language Center, National Dong Hwa University  03 863 5238 Seasonal Class





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