Test Cancellation(Only for the formal test)

>>> Test Cancellation (Only for the formal test) <<<  
If you cannot attend the test for personal reasons and have already completed your payment, you may both cancel your test registration and apply for a refund. (The NT$100 registration fee is a service fee and is not refundable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.)  Application deadline: 4 days after the end of the registration period.Applications for cancellation are not accepted after the deadline.  Cancellation Processing Fee: Applications for cancellation must be charged with a fee of NT$300. As such, the refund amount equals the registration price subtracted by a service charge of NT$300. Full refund can be applied only under force majeure circumstances, the likes of which natural disasters occur, such as typhoons or earthquakes.  Application for Test Cancellation:

1. Please go to the TOCFL website and download the "TOCFL Test Cancellation Fax Form (Valid in Taiwan)."。

2. After completing the application form, please fax it to us. FAX:02-2601-4181.

3. After sending the fax, please contact us at 02-7714-8205 to make sure your fax was received.

4. The application is officially completed only if all the above steps are followed through.  Refund method: TOCFL refunds are paid through "postal order". All refunds are sent through registered mail one month after the date of the registered test.  Important points regarding filling in the form:

1. Please attach the second receipt of your “TOCFL Test Fee Payment Slip” to the application form and fax the entire form to the TOCFL office.

2. If you miss the deadline or if you provide mistaken or incomplete information, we will not accept your application, and your refund will not be processed. We apologize in advance for not responding in such a case.


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