If you have already paid but cannot attend the test, you can apply to cancel your test registration and receive a refund.

 Email application procedure::

Deadline for applications to receive a refund: You can cancel your test and apply for a refund up until 4 days after the end of the registration period. (See the yearly test schedule for the specific date.) No applications will be accepted after the deadline.

1. Complete the "TOCFL Registration Cancellation & Refund Application Form.."。

2. Insert an electronic image (scanned or photographed) of your TOCFL test fee payment receipt to the application form and email it to SC-TOP (service@sc-top.org.tw).

 Cancellation fee: There is a service charge of NT$300 for each application.

 Refunds: Refunds are sent by registered mail one month after the date of the registered test, in the form of a postal order.

 Please note: A refund will not be made if an application is incomplete, or provides incorrect information.


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