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TOCFL is a foreign language proficiency test for non-native speakers of Chinese. Anyone who wants to know their Chinese proficiency level, and anyone who wants to study, work, or do business in Chinese-speaking countries or contexts is welcome to register for the test. The table below sets out the indicative number of course hours spent learning Chinese, and the size of the vocabulary base of words (ci) learnt appropriate for each test level.  


Indicative Course Hours

Suitable Vocabulary Base

In Chinese-speaking areas

In non-Chinese-speaking areas

Band Novice

30-120 hours

60-240 hours


Band A

Level 1

120-240 hours

240-480 hours


Level 2

240-360 hours

480-720 hours


Band B

Level 3

360-480 hours

720-960 hours


Level 4

480-960 hours

960-1920 hours


Band C

Level 5

960-1920 hours

1920-3840 hours


Level 6

More than 1920 hours

More than 3840 hours

A vocabulary list for each level can be found online at



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