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TOCFL is a foreign language proficiency test for non-native speakers of Chinese. Those who wish to know about their level of Chinese proficiency, or those who want to study, work or do business in Chinese speaking countries are welcome to register for the test.

TOCFL is administrated in four levels, For Beginners, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

For the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of TOCFL , each level has three sections, including listening, vocabulary and grammar, and reading . The total number of test items is 120, and the total testing time is 110 minutes.

The For Beginners level of TOCFL measures both listening and reading skills of non-native Chinese speakers at the beginning level. The first test was administrated in Nov. 2007. The total number of test items is 80, and the total testing time is 80 minutes.

TOCFL is given in multiple-choice items . Test takers get one point for each correct answer.  There is no penalty deduction for the incorrect answer.


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